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St Cynwyd's Church,

CF34 9SE


The ancient church of St.Cynwyd’s is situated in the centre of the historical village of Llangynwyd.  It is believed to have been founded in the late sixth century by St.Cynwyd.  The church has undergone many periods of restoration over the centuries.  The largest probably being in 1891 when Miss Olive Talbot of Margam offered to pay for the work.  

Central to Llangynwyd culture is the story of the maid of Cefn Ydfa, the romantic and tragic story of Ann Thomas and Wil Hopcyn. The village and church have been the focus of many tv documentaries on the story.  Ann’s memorial and grave slab can be seen in the church chancel.  A replica of Wil’s gravestone can be seen under the large Yew tree in the graveyard.  A fragment of the original being located in the church tower.

The Welsh folk song “Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn” which tells the story is famous throughout Wales. Services in the Church follow the traditional Church in Wales service.  Because of its history and picturesque setting St. Cynwyd”s is a popular venue for many weddings throughout the year. The church is much loved and cared for.  Visitors  and new members of the congregation will always receive a warm welcome. 

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