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Life Events

The Church is privileged to support you at these important moments in your life.

Here you will find information to help you make the necessary arrangements.   


We are reminded in Holy Scripture that human beings are created to live lives in relationship with one another and in relationship with the God who called us into being and created us in God’s own image.When two people commit themselves to one another in a lifelong covenant of love and faithfulness their relationship reveals to us the loving purposes of God and the unconditional nature of divine love for the whole human family.

Would you like to arrange a wedding, renewal of wedding vows, or blessing of a civil partnership/marriage?


The baptism of its new members is an occasion of great joy for the Christian Church. By water and the Spirit, we are reborn as God’s children, and are made followers of Christ, members of his body, the Church, and inheritors of the kingdom of heaven.

Would you like to arrange a Baptism?


Memorial Services

In the presence of death, Christians have sure ground for hope and confidence, and even for joy, because the Lord Jesus Christ, who shared our human life and death, was raised again triumphant and lives for evermore. In him his people find eternal life, and in this faith, we put our whole trust in his goodness and mercy.

A Funeral Director will usually take care of most arrangements for you. Here you will find some helpful information for arranging a Christian funeral or memorial service.

But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.

- Psalm 73:28

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